I've defained a table like this

create table test (

hours int,

key1 int,

value1 varchar,

primary key (hours,key1)

For one hour every input would be written in single partition, because i need 
to group by some 500K records in the partition for a report with expected 
response time in less than 1 seconds so using key1 in partition key would made 
500K partitions which would be slow on reads.

Although using  this mechanism gains < 1 seconds response time on reads but 
the write delay increased surprisingly, for this table write latency reported 
by cfstats is more than 100ms but for other tables which accessing thousands of 
partitions while writing in 1 hour , the write delay is 0.02ms. But i was 
expecting that writes to test table be faster than other tables because always 
only one node and one partition would be accessed, so no memtable switch 
happens and all writes would be local to a single node?!

Should i add another key to my partition key to distribute data on all of nodes?

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