Hello, everyone.

I am using 3.11.0 and I have the following table.

CREATE TABLE summary_5m (
    service_key text,
    hash_key int,
    instance_hash int,
    collected_time timestamp,
    count int,
    PRIMARY KEY ((service_key), hash_key, instance_hash, collected_time)

And I can sum count grouping by primary key.

select service_key, hash_key, instance_hash, sum(count) as count_summ 
from apm.ip_summary_5m 
where service_key='ABCED'
group by service_key, hash_key, instance_hash;

But what I want is to get only the top 100 with a high value added.

Like following query is attached … (syntax error, of course)

order by count_sum limit 100;

Anybody have ever solved this problem?

Thank you in advance.

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