I’m getting bounce messages from the ML from time to time, see attached 
example. Our IT told me that they need to whitelist all IPs used by Cassandra 
ML server. Is there a way to get those IPs?

Sorry if it’s not really related to Cassandra itself but I didn’t find anything 
in http://untroubled.org/ezmlm/ezman/ezman5.html commands.

Jacques-Henri Berthemet
--- Begin Message ---
Hi! This is the ezmlm program. I'm managing the
user@cassandra.apache.org mailing list.

Messages to you from the user mailing list seem to
have been bouncing. I've attached a copy of the first bounce
message I received.

If this message bounces too, I will send you a probe. If the probe bounces,
I will remove your address from the user mailing list,
without further notice.

I've kept a list of which messages from the user mailing list have
bounced from your address.

Copies of these messages may be in the archive.
To retrieve a set of messages 123-145 (a maximum of 100 per request),
send a short message to:

To receive a subject and author list for the last 100 or so messages,
send a short message to:

Here are the message numbers:


--- Enclosed is a copy of the bounce message I received.

Return-Path: <>
Received: (qmail 8848 invoked for bounce); 27 Mar 2018 14:22:11 -0000
Date: 27 Mar 2018 14:22:11 -0000
From: mailer-dae...@apache.org
To: user-return-605...@cassandra.apache.org
Subject: failure notice

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