Hi Revanth,
How do you register the custom codec? Do you get any errors? Have you tried 
using a pre-existing codec? It would be helpful if you can give more 
Dinesh    On Saturday, April 14, 2018, 7:29:30 PM PDT, Revanth Reddy 
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Hi Team ,
I want to write a custom cassandra codec and i want to use that codec in my 
spark application while reading the data from cassandra table .
Basically the custom codecs are used to convert one column type to another 
while reading from cassandra. for example i have a timestamp column in 
cassandra table ,but i want to read it as long and save as parquet file to HDFS 
, then this cutom codecs will be usefull instead of doing an additional 
transformation in the spark code.
I want to know how to set/register this custom cassandra codecs in spark ?
 I had tried with solution provided in the below link but it does not work , 
any ideas around this will be helpfull.

Thanks & RegardsS.Revanth kumar reddyhttps://github.com/Re1tReddy/



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