Typically have seen that in the past when the node is overloaded. Is that a
possibility for you? If it works consistently after restarting C* it's
likely the issue.

On 20 April 2018 at 19:27, Paul Pollack <paul.poll...@klaviyo.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> We have a cluster running on Cassandra 3.7 (we already know this is
> considered a "bad" version and plan to upgrade to 3.11 in the
> not-too-distant future) and we have a few Nagios checks that run `nodetool
> compactionstats` to check how many pending compactions there currently are,
> as well as bytes remaining for compactions to see if they will push us past
> our comfortable disk utilization threshold.
> The check regularly fails with an exit code of 2, and then shortly after
> will run successfully, resulting in a check that flaps.
> When I am able to reproduce the issue, the output looks like this:
> ubuntu@statistic-timelines-11:~$ nodetool compactionstats
> error: null
> -- StackTrace --
> java.lang.NullPointerException
> ubuntu@statistic-timelines-11:~$ echo $?
> 2
> I've seen this issue
> <https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CASSANDRA-13021> for 3.0.11 that
> was fixed and seems slightly different since in this case, something is
> swallowing the full stack trace.
> So given all this I have a few questions:
> - Has anyone seen this before and have an idea as to what might cause it?
> - Is it possible that I have something misconfigured that's swallowing the
> stack trace?
> - Should I file an issue in the Cassandra JIRA for this?
> Thanks,
> Paul

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