yet another question/issue with repair.

Cassandra 2.1.18, 3 nodes, RF=3, vnode=256, data volume ~ 5G per node only. A 
repair (nodetool repair -par) issued on a single node at this data volume takes 
around 36min with an AVG of ~ 15MByte/s disk throughput (read+write) for the 
entire time-frame, thus processing ~ 32GByte from a disk perspective so ~ 6 
times of the real data volume reported by nodetool status. Does this make any 
sense? This is with 4 compaction threads and compaction throughput = 64. 
Similar results doing this test a few times, where most/all inconsistent data 
should be already sorted out by previous runs.

I know there is e.g. reaper, but the above is a simple use case simply after a 
single failed node recovers beyond the 3h hinted handoff window. How should 
this finish in a timely manner for > 500G on a recovering node?

I have to admit this is with NFS as storage. I know, NFS might not be the best 
idea, but with the above test at ~ 5GB data volume, we see an IOPS rate at ~ 
700 at a disk latency of ~ 15ms, thus I wouldn't treat it as that bad. This all 
is using/running Cassandra on-premise (at the customer, so not hosted by us), 
so while we can make recommendations storage-wise (of course preferring local 
disks), it may and will happen that NFS is being in use then.

Why we are using -par in combination with NFS is a different story and related 
to this issue: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CASSANDRA-8743. Without 
switching from sequential to parallel repair, we basically kill Cassandra.

Throughput-wise, I also don't think it is related to NFS, cause we see similar 
repair throughput values with AWS EBS (gp2, SSD based) running regular repairs 
on small-sized CFs.

Thanks for any input.
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