Thank you Lucas for sharing.  I am still a beginner in Cassandra NoSQL world. 
Are there any other good books related to Performance tuning and Architecture 
Thank you.

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 Hi Lucas,
I am not able to download. can you share as attachment in email?

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Dear community,
I want to tell you about my paper published in a conference in March. The title 
is "NoSQL Database Performance Tuning for IoT Data - Cassandra Case Study"  and 
it is available (not for free) in http://www.scitepress.org/ 
DigitalLibrary/Link.aspx?doi= 10.5220/0006782702770284 .
TWCS is used and compared with DTCS.
I hope you can download it, unfortunately I cannot send copies as the publisher 
has its copyright.
Lucas B. Dias


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