Hello Aneesh,

Alain and I also worked on this project that you might find useful:


It is a Docker Compose environment to showcase the Prometheus graphs that
we worked on. There's still a missing update, so do please check back soon,
but the majority of what we've worked on is housed in that repo. If you
decide to move forward with Prometheus, you can use the curl scripts
provided in the repo to upload the charts and all preset alerts into your
Grafana environment. If you use the GUI to upload the graphs, you'll lose
all preset visual thresholds and alerts, but still keep all completed

Now that I remembered it was missing an update, we should push the new
features out sooner rather than later. The new update includes better
descriptive text, alert text, and alert fixes.

Hope it helps!


Joaquin Casares
Austin, TX

Apache Cassandra Consulting

On Fri, May 25, 2018 at 12:54 PM, Alain RODRIGUEZ <arodr...@gmail.com>

> Hello,
> With more details on your criteria, it would be easier.
> I used:
> - SPM from Sematext (Commercial - dashboards out of the box)
> - Datastax OpsCenter (Commercial, With DSE only nowadays)
> - Grafana/Graphite or Prometheus (Open source - 'do it yourself' - but
> some templates exist)
> - Datadog (Commercial - dashboards out of the box)
> It depends what you want really. All those worked for me at some point in
> time :).
> Note: We built the Dashboards that are out of the box for Datadog. I
> believe it should put anyone starting with Cassandra in good conditions to
> operate and troubleshot Apache Cassandra. My opinion here is biased most
> definitely :). I liked the interfaces of Datadog (using regularly) and
> Sematext (old experience) the most.
> C*heers,
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> 2018-05-25 17:23 GMT+01:00 ANEESH KUMAR K.M <anee...@gmail.com>:
>> Please suggest me some good cluster monitoring tool for cassandra multi
>> region cluster.

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