How update is working underneath?

Does it create a new row (because i'm changing a column of partition key) and 
add a tombstone to the old row?

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What is a “soft delete”? 

My 2 cents, if you want to update some information just update it. There’s no 
need to overthink it. 

Batches are good if they’re constrained to a single partition, not so hot 

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Jon Haddad

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Deletes create tombstones — not really something to consider. Better to add / 
update or insert data and do a soft delete on old data and apply a TTL to 
remove it at a future time.


 Rahul Singh


 Anant Corporation

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I want to load all rows from many partitions and change a column value in each 
row, which of following ways is better concerning disk space and performance?

1. create a update statement for every row and batch update for each partitions

2. create an insert statement for every row and batch insert for each 
partition, then run a single statement to delete the whole old partition

Thanks in advance

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