I am observing a very strange behavior in our cluster. Metadata is being 
prefixed in some rows.
This metadata cannot be sent by application primarily because application 
writing to C* will not have this data,
and also applications use custom Java objects and this metadata doesn’t fall in 
that category.

I am suspecting that this is being added during multi data center replication 
between analytics and transactions cluster.
Does anyone have any idea on this. I found no clue online also.

This is the metadata: The nodes mentioned here are the analytics node and the 
data directory is from DSEFS. We are experiencing
Some corruption in dsefs and we understood that this is because of the version 
we are on (DSE 5.1.5), so I suspect this could be related.


    "privateAddress": "333.33.333.333",
    "lastUpdate": "2018-04-25 05:05:40.665+0000",
    "readOnly": false,
    "up": true,
    "host": "cssdb-prd-07",
    "publicAddress": "333.33.333.333",
    "privatePort": 5599,
    "storageWeight": 1.0,
    "minFreeSpace": 5368709120,
    "publicPort": 5598,
    "dataCenter": "DC1-RPTG",
    "version": 2,
    "locationId": "498ff9f4-a989-461a-8ce7-17c418006666",
    "rack": "RACK1",
    "estUsedSpace": 29771,
    "nodeId": "97494bd1-e783-4a8b-b180-a1946defc7cc",
    "estFreeSpace": 726682292224,
    "directory": "/cassandra/data/ccrcprd-cluster/data5/dsefs/data"

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