MongoDB will accommodate loading CSV without regard to schema while still creating identifiable "columns" in the database, but you'll have to predict or back-impose some schema later if you're going to create indices for fast searching of the data. You can perform searching of data without indexing in MongoDB, but it's slower.

Cassandra will require you to understand the schema, i.e.: what the columns are up front unless you're just going to store the data without schema and, therefore, without ability to search effectively.

As suggested already, you should share more detail if you want good advice. Both DBs are excellent. Both do different things in different ways.

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On 05/31/2018 05:49 AM, Sudhakar Ganesan wrote:


I need to make a decision on Mongo DB vs Cassandra for loading the csv file data and store csv file as well. If any of you did such study in last couple of months, please share your analysis or observations.



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