Hi list,

After long time  of operation we come to the need of growing our cluster.
This cluster was born on 2.X and almos 2 years ago migrated to 3.0.6 ( I
know we are bit prudent )

The cluster was a 3 m1.xlarge (we are on AWS) and table RF was 3

Thanks to your valuable hints we added a new node in the same AZ that
joined flawlessy after making sure the streaming_socket_timeout_in_ms was
high enough.

I was used to run:

   - nodetool repair -pr (on each node and alterante days)


Q1: Should I keep it that way or should I run some "nodetool repair -full"
on all the nodes the first time ?

Reading today's documentation (
http://cassandra.apache.org/doc/latest/operating/repair.html) it's not
really clear to me what should be the best practice. Any pointer is much


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