Super great, thank you for this contribution Kurt!

On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 1:49 PM, kurt greaves <> wrote:

> We've seen a need for an LDAP authentication implementation for Apache
> Cassandra so we've gone ahead and created an open source implementation
> (ALv2) utilising the pluggable auth support in C*.
> Now, I'm positive there are multiple implementations floating around that
> haven't been open sourced, and that's understandable given how much of a
> nightmare working with LDAP is, so we've come up with an implementation
> that will hopefully work for the general case, but should be perfectly
> possible to extend, or at least use an example to create your own and maybe
> contribute something back ;). It's by no means perfect, but it seems to
> work, and we're hoping people with actual LDAP environments can test and
> add support/improvements for more weird LDAP based use cases.
> You can find the code and setup + configuration instructions on github
> <>, and a blog that goes
> into more detail here
> <>.
> PS: Don't look too closely at the nasty cache hackery in the 3.11 branch,
> I'll fix it in 4.0, I promise. Just be satisfied that it works, I think.

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