On 07/10/2018 02:48 AM, rajasekhar kommineni wrote:
> Hi Rahul,
> The problem for removing the old links is Cassandra binaries are pointed
> from /usr//bin/, /usr//sbin etc ..
> $ which nodetool 
> /usr/bin/nodetool
> $ which cqlsh
> /usr/bin/cqlsh
> $ which cassandra
> /usr/sbin/cassandra

This is a basic linux usage thing, not really a cassandra problem, but
it's why packages make things simple for general use - the default
/usr/{s}bin locations are in $PATH. If you wish to have nodetool, etc.
in your user's $PATH, just update the user's shell configuration to
include the tar locations.

export CASSANDRA_HOME=</path/to/extracted/tarball>

This can be added to the bottom of ~/.bashrc for persistence. Bonus
points for symlink of generic cassandra_home to versioned one, which is
used for upgrades without messing with PATH env for user and within
configs for Cassandra.


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