I did not reset repairedAt and ran repair with -pr directly. That’s
> probably why the inconsistency occurred.

Yes, this will be a likely cause. There's enough docs out there to help you
with this. Shout out if not.

> As our tables are pretty big, full repair takes many days to finish. Given
> the 10 days gc period, it means repair almost will run all the time.
> Consistency is more important to us and the cluster takes the same amount
> of write and read requests. Temporary outage is allowed but if a dead node
> can’t come back in time, we will go back to Quorum mode.

Yes, repairs can be a real headache.
Install Reaper. Seriously.

> What’s new in 3.11.3? We’ve been running on C* for almost 2 years. The
> biggest pain point is about repair. Especially with 3.11.1, incremental
> repair doesn’t work well compared to our experience with 3.10. Maybe it’s
> just because our data size wasn’t that big before upgrade...

3.11.2 and 3.11.3 are just patch releases on top of 3.11.1.
It's definitely recommended to always *test* and upgrade to the latest
patch release. And it's kinda a prerequisite if you want help from the open
source community, none of us really enjoy debugging old code  :-)


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