Unless your cluster is very small, using the method of adding / removing
nodes will eventually result in putting a much larger portion of your
dataset on a very few number of nodes.  I *highly* discourage this.

The only correct, safe path is Bowen's suggestion of adding another DC and
decommissioning the old one.


On Thu, May 16, 2024 at 1:37 AM Bowen Song via user <
user@cassandra.apache.org> wrote:

> You can also add a new DC with the desired number of nodes and num_tokens
> on each node with auto bootstrap disabled, then rebuild the new DC from the
> existing DC before decommission the existing DC. This method only needs to
> copy data once, and can copy from/to multiple nodes concurrently, therefore
> is significantly faster, at the cost of doubling the number of nodes
> temporarily.
> On 16/05/2024 09:21, Gábor Auth wrote:
> Hi.
> Is there a newer/easier workflow to change num_tokens in an existing
> cluster than add a new node to the cluster with the other num_tokens value
> and decommission an old one, repeat and rinse through all nodes?
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> Bye,
> Gábor AUTH

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