On 20/09/2016 11:30pm, Frank Herrmann wrote:
> Hello all,
> I was wondering if anyone has had any experience using a transaction
> manager with Cayenne. Currently, we use Bitronix with a lot of custom,
> buggy, code wrapped around it. We are in the process of switching to
> Atomikos. Does anyone have an advice, or better an example, of integrating
> Cayenne with Atomikos (or other transaction manager)?

I can't answer your question because I've never needed such a setup (or maybe I 
have but didn't know it), but I'm curious about your design choices and what it 
gives you. Are you running two separate databases and using the transaction 
manager to write to both of them, or are you using a transaction manager to 
synchronise a memory cache across your application cluster? If the latter, then 
would Terracotta work for you?

What sort of high availability problem does Atomikos solve?


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