Is there any way to call a stored procedure as part of commitChanges ?
I would like to call a stored procedure after flushing my persistent objects 
but before the real db commit, for instance, to make some process on the db as 
part of committing my objects, but transactionally. 

performInTransaction(..) {     commitChanges(); //Only flush to db, no commit, 
no in memory accounting of commit (no modifications to persitenctState); //Call a SP, save db transaction, can post-process 
data, and if it throws exception we can rollback db and persistentState stays 
the same before commitChanges  
I am now om 4.0.M5.

In a previous version (I do not remember which), I made some hack to replace 
DataDomain and other classes to allow to differ the in memory accounting of 
persistent objects until the db commit is done and allow call a SP after 
commitChanges() in the same db commit, I made a module to install my hacks, but 
it is not working now on M5, maybe new rules to replace cayenne services:

public class ServerModuleWithPostCommitActions implements 
org.apache.cayenne.di.Module {

    public void configure(Binder binder) {

This worked, but it was not a clear solution. specifically 
PCADataDomainProviderPCA is never called.

Atte. Juan Manuel Díaz Lara

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