sorry it's a litte bit late, but have you tried to open an bug-report for
the hard cast on https://bugreport.java.com/ ?


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2018-03-31 10:26 GMT+02:00 Dominik Stadler <cen...@apache.org>:

> Hi,
> Apache POI is opening zip-files on a regular basis because Microsoft
> Excel/Word/... files are zip-files in their newer format. In order to
> prevent some types of denial-of-service-attacks, we have added
> functionality when opening Zip-files to not read files which expand a lot
> and thus could be used to overwhelm the main memory by providing small
> malicious file which explodes when uncompressed into memory. We call this
> zip-bomb protection.
> Up to Java 9 we could use some workaround via reflection to inject a
> counting-InputStream into ZipFile/ZipEntry to detect an explosion in
> expanded data and this way prevent zip-bombs.
> However in Java 10 this is not possible any more because the
> implementation of ZipFile was changed in a way that prevents this (hard
> cast to ZipFile$ZipFileInputStream in ZipFile).
> So we are looking for a different way to count the number of extracted
> bytes while extracting to be able to stop as soon as the compression ratio
> reaches a certain limit.
> Could we do this with Commons Compress? I.e. wrap the InputStreams with
> some counting so that we can stop during extracting.
> Or does anybody know of a way to do zip-bomb-detection differently without
> resorting to reflection?
> Thanks... Dominik.
> Apache POI PMC/Comitter
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