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> Hi,
> I'm looking for the best or at least a good way to fetch multiple
> documents because my databases are getting larger and larger. Thus, I'm
> trying to limit user waiting time, but in a multiple user environment.
> Each document got an "ancestorId" property to group it by type.
> When a user fetchs docments he called the view "byancestor" precising
> key="type0"&include_docs=true.
> By using this view, the entire database does not need to be downloaded
> when we want just one type of documents.
> Now I would like to use sequence number to limit bandwidth and time. That
> is to say last time user fetch type0 documents he precised
> "update_seq=true" and get the last sequence number.
> Then next time he will fetch type0 documents I want it to got changes from
> this sequence number, thus the result of the request will not contain
> documents that was modified before this seq.
> It would have been cool to be able to send a "since" (such as _changes
> API) query parameter to the view to reduce it but of course it is not
> possible.
> Here is what I have tried:
> I.
> - make a first request to query the view WITHOUT include_docs to limit
> bandwidth
> - compute the documents id list that needs to be fetched
> - POST this list to "_all_docs" WITH include_docs to fetch documents
> This does the job, but the first query to the view will get larger and
> larger...
> II.
> - modidy my view in _design to emit   emit([doc.ancestorId,
> doc._local_seq]
> - query this view with parameters: ?startkey=["type0",
> fromSeqNumber]&endkey=["type0",{}] WITH include_docs
> The last tries seems to be my best shot, but I do not know how it's work
> and whether it's better than a filter or my original query (computing time).
> Maybe I missed a feature to achieve this kind of documents fetch...
> Thanks for any answers.
> (Using CouchDB 1.4)

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