I’ve been using bigcouch now for about a year or so and I’m super excited to 
see those features finally merged into couchdb proper.  I’m sure there are tons 
of nice updates and fixes I’ve been missing for awhile now.

So I just build a docker image for couchdb 2.0 and everything seems to be 
working fine, however I had a strange error about a missing _user db.   Did 
some googling and found that I need to create these manually for a single-node, 
but the documentation about multi-node only says to use the wizard.

I don’t mean to be difficult but I don’t want to use a wizard, it’s nothing 
against the wizard at all, I just need to automate this process or it becomes 
completely unusable.  How can I do this?

Also when doing local testing with a single node, I’ve seen several different 
replies regarding the commands that need to be run to initialize the system dbs.

Some of them only mention the _users db, some of them mention all three as such:

curl -X PUT http://localhost:5984/_users
curl -X PUT http://localhost:5984/_replicator
curl -X PUT

I even swear on one page I saw there were more to init, but I can’t seem to 
find where I saw that, so just curious on which of these need to be set since 
I’ll be bash scripting all of this.

Thanks and overall this looks like a great product already!

Joe Black

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