Hello all,

There's a new release of CouchDB-Python: 1.2.

This is my last release as CouchDB-Python maintainer. I am no longer
motivated to maintain CouchDB-Python. The project is in a mostly-mature
state, with few urgent bugs. Despite a call for new maintainers two months
ago, there did not seem to be any serious candidates. If you're interested,
please email the mailing list or open an issue or PR on GitHub.

In order to leave the project in a good state, I wanted to wrap up the
remaining changes in a final release. This is that release.

Version 1.2 (2018-02-09)

* Fixed some issues relating to usage with Python 3
* Remove support for Python 2.6 and 3.x with x < 4
* Fix logging response in query server (fixes #321)
* Fix HTTP authentication password encoding (fixes #302)
* Add missing ``http.Forbidden`` error (fixes #305)
* Show ``doc`` property on ``Row`` string representation
* Add methods for mango queries and indexes
* Allow mango filters in ``_changes`` API

The release can be downloaded from PyPI, here:


Unfortunately, PyPI no longer hosts documentation, so you'll have to build
your own copy.

Many thanks to all contributors over the years.



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