Hello community!

I saw the announcement of CouchDB 3 with great enthusiasm when there was a
mention of the updated JavaScript engine, SpiderMonkey version 60. It seems
to fully support ES6, so it would be possible to write queries and/or
design documents using JavaScript modules (eg: ESM, CommonJS, etc.)?

The thing that I always wondered would be how a professional flow could be
set up for a code that's supposed to live inside CouchDB. How could I write
code that's submitted to tests on a CI pipeline, and deployed to a CouchDB
instance on successful executions? Or, how could I leverage JavaScript/npm
ecosystem to build such functionalities? Also, how could I provision a
database from a blank-slate CouchDB (eg: a Docker image) and inject all
configurations *and* documents on it automatically? Is it something that
SpiderMonkey 60 could be helpful with?

PS: I'm a basic user of CouchDB. I currently do not run services using it,
but I've been interested in using it for a while - hence my questions.

Joel Jucá

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