Hey all,

I am querying some json and parquet data that has dots in the name. Not all
the data I may be querying will come from Drill, thus dot is a valid
character... when I go to initially explore my data, Drill throws the error
below when I run a select * query.

I understand the error, and I can create a view, selecting each column out
and renaming it for easier select *  in the future. However, as a user, if
I get a new data set, this could (unless I am informed of another way here)
force me to leave drill to explore my data.

I get how using periods as field qualifiers causes issues... but if we had
had a way to read a file to get the schema, to either produce the all the
fields in a select query for easy view creation or a way to query with
periods in the name that would be awesome! It would keep users IN drill
instead of going elsewhere to explore their data.

I am open to ideas!

Error Returned - Code: 500
Error Text:
SYSTEM ERROR: UnsupportedOperationException: Unhandled field reference
"id.orig_h"; a field reference identifier must not have the form of a
qualified name (i.e., with ".").

Fragment 0:0

[Error Id: 88acd3d8-4e44-49f6-b587-24bf26f89a3b on zeta4.brewingintel.com:20005]

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