Hi Gonzalo,

A couple of questions:
1. Are you able to connect to the Couchbase Datasource with just the JDBC 
driver with the url itself using another tools such as sqlline?
2. Which Drill server version are you using? There was a patch submitted on Dec 
2017 (https://github.com/apache/drill/pull/1067/) that prints out the actual 
exception message when a setup failed.

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I am trying to connect Couchbase with Apache Drill using yours connectors JDBC  
for Couchbase.

I have a license for 20 days. I put the drivers an the license in "3rdparty" 
folder (folder for connectors in Apache Drill) and restarted the server.

Here is the configuration on Apache Drill:

  "type": "jdbc",
  "driver": "com.simba.couchbase.jdbc41.Driver ",
  "url": "jdbc:couchbase://localhost:8093/cluster_name",
  "username": "username",
  "password": "password",
  "enabled": true

I tried also with " com.simba.couchbase.jdbc4.Driver ".

The error is:  "Please retry: error (unable to create/ update storage) "

Can you suggest me any solution?

Thanks in advance.

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