It may be that by "fixed width text", Flavio means a file in which the text 
columns are of fixed width: kind of like old-school punch cards.
Drill has no reader for this use case, but if you are a Java programmer, you 
can create one. See Drill Pull Request #1114 [1] for one example of a regex 
reader along with pointers to a second example I'm building for a book. Should 
be easy to adopt this code to take a list of column widths in place of the 
regex. Actually, you could use the regex with a pattern that just picks out a 
fixed number of characters.
- Paul



    On Monday, February 19, 2018, 12:52:42 PM PST, Kunal Khatua 
<> wrote:  
 As long as you have delimiters, you should be able to import it as a regular 
CSV file. Using views that define the fixed-width nature should help operators 
downstream work more efficiently. 

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Hi to all,
I'm currently looking for the best solution to load a fixed-width text file 
into Drill.
Is there any way right now to do that? Is there anyone that already have a 
working connector?
Is it better to implement a brand new FormatPluginConfig or StoragePluginConfig?


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