You should be able to connect to a Hive cluster via JDBC. However, the benefit 
of using Drill co-located on the same cluster is that Drill can directly access 
the data based on locality information from Hive and process across theĀ 
distributedĀ FS cluster.

With JDBC, any filters you have, will (most probably) not be pushed down to 
Hive. So, you'll end up loading the unfiltered data through a single data 
channel from the Hive cluster, into your Drill cluster, before it can start 

If using JDBC is the only option, it might be worth using the 'create table as' 
(or the temporary table variant) to offload that data into your Drill cluster 
and then execute your analytical queries against this offloaded dataset.

On 3/7/2018 2:46:55 PM, Asim Kanungo <> wrote:
Hi Team,

Can I connect to hive database as a generic jdbc protocol like I am doing
for other RDBMS.Or DRILL can only connect to hive residing in the same
cluster where Hadoop is installed.

I am talking about the cases where DRILL is installed in one cluster and my
Hadoop cluster is different. Can you please guide if I can connect to that
hive, using jdbc protocol.
I have tried, but it failed with the error "unable to add/update storage".
I am not sure why it has failed as it is not giving any other messages, and
I know version 13 will contain more message.

Please advise.


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