I would like to have and ad-hoc deployment of Drill on a linux box working
with relatively small dataset, thus I don't want to use Zookeeper, but I
find drill shell scripts actively restricting such usage.

The `drillbit.sh start` will not work without zookeeper (or would it?) and
is explicitly discourage to use in such way in docs. I tried to installing
local zookeeper (as per some Stack Overflow answers) but that throws
org.apache.drill.exec.exception.DrillbitStartupException: Drillbit is
disallowed to bind to loopback address in distributed mode.

So I tried to use `drill-embedded`, but that does not work when run in non
interactive mode, i.e.
`nohup ./drill-embedded >> log 2>&1 &`

Is there a non hacky way of staring drill as a service in embedded mode or
starting just the drillbit without sqline?

On the side node, the FAQ suggest this email to be used in case of
questions, is there a slack, forum or any other ways of asking questions?


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