Dear Sir or Madam,

We are currently evaluating Apache Drill for use as a data integration
solution in one of our projects, and we are quite impressed by user
friendliness and ease of configuration of the product.

There is however one feature that we consider critical: we are looking for
a product that can, among other things, connect to a generic REST web
service based data source (by, for instance, letting the client code a
custom REST connector for such a data source). Then it would be possible to
use such a WS based data source just as any other data source that Drill
currently supports: run SQL queries against multiple data sources etc.

Going through Drill documentation I have not found any mention of such
functionality. Could you please comment as to whether such functionality is
available or whether there are plans to add such functionality to Drill in
the foreseeable future?

Many thanks in advance,
Dmitry Kozhukhov
Hoffman - La Roche

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