Congratulations Charles !  Please ask us for any help needed with your new role and duties ...


On 8/22/19 10:30 AM, Charles Givre wrote:
Thanks eveyrone!  Arina, you've done a great job and you've left me with some 
very big shoes to fill.  I'll do my best!
-- C

On Aug 22, 2019, at 12:05 PM, Paul Rogers <> wrote:

Congratulations Charles!
- Paul

    On Thursday, August 22, 2019, 12:28:24 AM PDT, Arina Ielchiieva 
<> wrote:

Hi all,

It has been a honor to serve as Drill Chair during the past year but it's
high time for the new one...

I am very pleased to announce that the Drill PMC has voted to elect Charles
Givre as the new PMC chair of Apache Drill. He has also been approved
unanimously by the Apache Board in last board meeting.

Congratulations, Charles!

Kind regards,

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