Hello Jerry,

Could you please describe your use-case in details. I've tried following
steps and Drill reads data for new column just fine.

1) Create table
create table hive_bucketed(emp_id int, first_name string) clustered by
(emp_id) into 4 buckets stored as orc tblproperties

2) insert data
insert into hive_bucketed values (1, 'A'),(2, 'B');

3) queried table with Drill and got 2 columns
select * from hive.hive_bucketed

4) add new column
alter table hive_bucketed add columns (age INT);

5) set data for new column
update hive_bucketed SET age=100;

6) queried table with Drill and got 3 columns with data as expected
 select * from hive.hive_bucketed

Please, provide small use-case to reproduce your issue. Also ddl and logs
are welcome:)


On Tue, Sep 3, 2019 at 11:03 AM FuWH(傅万红/苏州) <f...@paxsz.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> We are using Drill v1.16.0 to query transactional (ACID) Hive bucketed ORC
> table, everything is okay but when querying the columns added by HiveQL
> “alert table … add columns …”, Drill always returns the query result as
> NULL for such columns, HiveQL can query with expected results, can anyone
> help to give an adivse on how to solve this issue?
> Appreciated & Thanks
> Jerry

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