Hi Alex,
Great job! 
Question: I saw you mentioned scope as community app and android client ... do 
you mean self-service app is out of scope for now?
Looking forward for this critical feature to the platform! 


On Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 7:15 PM +0300, "Alex Ivanov" <alexivano...@gmail.com> 

*(Bcc Avik)*

Hello Mifos/Fineract Users and Developers,

As part of Google Summer of Code I, with the help of my mentor Avik, am
working on adding support for two-factor authentication to Fineract, the
community-app and the Android clients.

I have published a project spec and I am happy to get your feedback about
the project. The specification can be found here -

Look forward to your comments and feedback.


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