Hi Kostas:
            It doesn’t matter. Can you see the picture? My user case is:

1、The events are coming according to the following order
At 9:01 e1 is coming
At 9:02 e2 is coming
At 9:06  e3 is coming
At 9:08   e4 is coming

The time is system time.

2、And  event aging time is 5 minutes.

       At 9:01 e1 is coming, aged nothing, store e1,we count e1 and send the 
       At 9:02 e2 is coming,  aged nothing, store e2,  We count e1 and e2. and 
send the result.
      At 9:06  e3 is coming,  aged e1,  store e3, we count e2 and e3, and send 
the result.
     At 9:08   e4 is coming,  aged e2,  store e4, we count e3 and e4, and send 
the result.

I think I need a certain duration window.

Thank you very much!
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Hello again,

Sorry for the delay but I cannot really understand your use case.
Could you explain a bit more what do you mean by “out-of-date” event and 
“aging” an event?

Also your windows are of a certain duration or global?


On Oct 11, 2016, at 3:04 PM, Zhangrucong 
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Hi Kostas:
Thank you for your rapid response!

My use-case is that :
For every incoming event, we want to age the out-of-date event , count the 
event in window and send the result.

For example:
The events are coming as flowing:

We want flowing result:

By the way, In StreamSQL API, in FILP11, It will realize row window. It seems 
that the function of Slide Event-time row-window suits my use-case. Does data 
stream API  support row window?

Thanks !

发件人: Kostas Kloudas [mailto:k.klou...@data-artisans.com]
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Hi Zhangrucong,

Sliding windows only support time-based slide.
So your use-case is not supported out-of-the-box.

But, if you describe a bit more what you want to do,
we may be able to find a way together to do your job using
the currently offered functionality.


On Oct 11, 2016, at 1:20 PM, Zhangrucong 
<zhangruc...@huawei.com<mailto:zhangruc...@huawei.com>> wrote:

Hello everyone:
  Now, I am want to use DataStream sliding window API. I look at the API and I 
have a question, dose the sliding time window support sliding by every incoming 

Thanks in advance!


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