Hey all,

We are running into an issue where the savepoint command is saving to the
jobmanager instead of the filesystem location specified in the
flink-conf.yaml.  It saves to the filesystem when we are running in a local
standalone flink, but when we deploy the job to our flink cluster it saves
to the jobmanager.  The flink-conf is nearly identical in both places.
Here are the relevant savepoint parameters.

savepoints.state.backend: filesystem
savepoints.state.backend.fs.dir: gs://bettercloud-non-prod/flink-savepoints

Is there another configuration we have to set that is specific to clusters
to make this work?  Or can anyone think of a reason this would occur?

*Jason Brelloch* | Product Developer
3405 Piedmont Rd. NE, Suite 325, Atlanta, GA 30305
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