we could also offer a small utility method that creates 3 flink meters, each reporting one rate of a DW meter.

Timers weren't added yet since, as Till said, no one requested them yet and we haven't found a proper internal use-case for them


On 17.10.2016 09:52, Till Rohrmann wrote:

Hi Govind,

I think the |DropwizardMeterWrapper| implementation is just a reference implementation where it was decided to report the minute rate. You can define your own meter class which allows to configure the rate interval accordingly.

Concerning Timers, I think nobody requested this metric so far. If you want, then you can open a JIRA issue and contribute it. The community would really appreciate that.



On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 5:26 AM, Govindarajan Srinivasaraghavan <govindragh...@gmail.com <mailto:govindragh...@gmail.com>> wrote:


    I am currently using flink 1.2 snapshot and instrumenting my
    pipeline with flink metrics. One small suggestion I have is
    currently the Meter interface only supports getRate() which is
    always the one minute rate.

    It would great if all the rates (1 min, 5 min & 15 min) are
    exposed to get a better picture in terms of performance.

    Also is there any reason why timers are not part of flink metrics


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