Thanks Chesnay.

I had a look at how the JMX representation looks like when I look at a Task
Manager which has one of the example Jobs deployed
and this looks correct.
I assume at this point that the naming gets confused because I am having
multiple sinks in my Job and more than one operator on the same stream.
Maybe this is not expected and I should only have one operator and one sink
per Job ? However the job itself does what it is supposed to so I would only
change this for the monitoring as it stands right now.
Also it seems to make a difference when things are happening in the job.
I had a print (sink) of the wikipedia source stream right at after the
source is read and after moving this print statement to the very end of the
job class the representation in JMX changes. I would expect the naming of
sinks and operators to be always the same regardless of when they happen, no


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