Hello I have created a simple pattern with FlinkCEP 1.3 as well as a simple
pattern select function. My simple function is as follows:

def myFunction(pattern: Map[String,Iterable[MyEventType]]): MyEventType = {
    val startEvent = pattern.get("first").get.head
    val endEvent = pattern.get("second").get.head
    // dummy functionality for illustrating purposes

When I apply the function above to a pattern in the following way:

CEP.pattern(myKeyedStream,myDummyPattern).select(myFunction(_)) it gives the
following error:

Cannot resolve reference myFunction with such signature.

Type mismatch, expected:
scala.Predef.Map[scala.Predef.String,scala.Iterable[MyEventType]], actual:

What is the reason of this behavior?

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