> No errors, and no
data in table.

2017-08-05 14:49 GMT+03:00 Егор Литвиненко <e.v.litvinenk...@gmail.com>:

> Hi
> I try to test Flink and have a problems.
> Why this example doesn't work - https://github.com/
> egorlitvinenko/testparsing/blob/master/test-flink/src/
> main/java/org/egorlitvinenko/testflink/StreamingJob9C.java
> Logs - https://pastebin.com/iuBZhfeG
> No errors, and no
> One more question. Examples intentionally use anonymous classes, instead
> of lambdas. Because with lambda it also doesn't work. I did small
> investigation and found out that Flink has different processing for
> lambdas. And in one moment when Flink processes types, they are empty.  Do
> you have full lambdas support?
> In best regards, Egor Litvinenko.

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