It seems there is a bug in the internal Table API operators: they store the 
Logger that is available on the Client machine and deserialising that Logger 
fails on the cluster. I created a Jira issue for this: 


> On 26. Jul 2017, at 15:54, Nuno Rafael Goncalves 
> <nuno.goncal...@wedotechnologies.com> wrote:
> Even though I have executed the same code with intelliJ and works fine? <>
> The only difference is that intelliJ is using log4j and the other application 
> is using logback.
> Moreover, the snippet is quite simple, it does not reference any user class 
> other than flink's
> Does flink uses user loaded log implementation and tries to use it on server 
> side? Which in this case would justify the logback dependency.
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> Subject: Re: Logback user class
> You seem to have a reference to the Logback Logger somewhere in your code.
> The class for that logger seems to be not in the user code jar file, or in 
> the flink lib directory.
> Since Flink does not bundle logback by itself, you need to package this 
> dependency explicitly or add the logback jar to the lib folder.
> On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 3:01 PM, nragon <nuno.goncal...@wedotechnologies.com 
> <mailto:nuno.goncal...@wedotechnologies.com>> wrote:
> I've changed that line and compiled it into lib/. Error remains.
> I'm running a local custer with start-local.sh
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