I'm pretty new to Flink and stream processing in general but I'm writing a
thesis about it and I have a small question regarding WindowFunctions (WF).
I have one large WF that does essentially two things: counting how much
events there are in a window and calculating the difference between this
and the previous window. And in the end I need the output of both

I'm in doubt if I should use one large WF that does both in combination
with a simple count-WF to get the result of the count
OR a small count-WF and a small diff-WF so that I can run the count-WF
first and supply the result to both a sink and to the diff-WF.

Graphically these are the two options:
[image: Inline afbeelding 1]

If I think about it every option has positive and negative sides:
The blue option (Count-WF + Diff-WF):

   - + has more modularity and every WF does exactly one thing
   - - I need to do an extra KeyBy and Window operation for the Diff-WF
   with the same values as for the Count-WF (performance hit)

While the red option (Count-WF + Large WF):

   - + might have better performance
   - - has less modularity

So I would like the opinion of someone who has more experience with Flink
that I have (so almost everybody here).

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