I have little problem with this example about Scala maven. I created new 
project by command: “mvn archetype:generate …” as stated in the instructions.

What is the correct build command ? “mvn package –Pbuild-jar” in same directory 
with pom.xml ?
For example, it does not generate WordCount.jar. I only found 

What is the correct run command of flink for WordCount in this case ?

Can I run it without starting of Flink (start-local.sh) and browser-interface 
(in port 8081)?

What did I do wrong ?

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Subject: Re: CEP for time series in csv-file


I'm not aware of any example project that ticks all your requirements. As you 
said, too many combinations...
Flink uses Maven. So, most examples provided by committers will be based on 

I would recommend to start with the Scala Maven quickstart archetypes [1].
Next, I'd implement a source function that reads your data from a single file. 
I've given some pointers in a previous mail.
Once you can read the data, I'd add the CEP library.
Best, Fabian


2018-02-09 15:35 GMT+01:00 Esa Heikkinen 

Thanks for the hints, but I am still very interested about simple working 
example with combination: sbt-project, scala, csv-file reading and cep 
processing. I have did not exactly find something like that. It would help me a 

It takes lot of time to learn and test many possible code combinations.. Too 
many “moving” parts..
For example “huge” amount of different “imports” and where I can find how use 
them and so on ?
I did not find strict “reference” guide. For example for readCsvFile(). Or 
should I look it from code ?

By the way what is better to use maven or sbt ? It seems most of examples use 
maven, but I haven’t got maven to work properly (yet) ..

Best Regards

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Subject: Re: CEP for time series in csv-file

You can also take a look at the Flink training from data Artisans and the code 
examples there. They also use CEP and basically read also from a file:



Am 2/8/18 um 6:09 PM schrieb Kostas Kloudas:
Hi Esa,

I think the best place to start is the documentation available at the flink 

Some pointers are the following:

CEP documentation: 

Blog post with CEP example: 


On Feb 8, 2018, at 4:28 PM, Esa Heikkinen 
<esa.heikki...@student.tut.fi<mailto:esa.heikki...@student.tut.fi>> wrote:


I have cvs-file(s) that contain an event in every row and first column is time 
stamp of event. Rest of columns are data and “attributes” of event.

I’d want to write simple Scala code that: 1) reads data of csv-file 2) converts 
data of csv-file compatible for CEP 3) sets pattern for CEP 4) Runs CEP  5) 
writes results

Do you have any hints or examples how to do that ?

By the way, what kind of time stamp should be in csv-file ?

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