I have a stream of events of a custom type. I want to know how to convert
these events into Rows that can be queried. More specifically how do I
attach type information to the stream of rows that is generated?

I have the following code

    val execEnv = StreamExecutionEnvironment.getExecutionEnvironment
    val tableEnv: StreamTableEnvironment =

    val eventStream : DataStream[Event] = ...
    val rowStream: DataStream[Row] = eventStream.map({e: Event => toRow(e)})
    tableEnv.registerDataStream("some_name", rowStream)

    tableEnv.sql("select bedrooms from some_name") 

This code compiles. But clearly wouldn't work because I didn't specify the
type or position of `bedrooms`. 

So what API do I use to specify the typeInformation of my rowStream?

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