Thanks a lot Aljoscha.
I was doing a silly mistake. TaskManagers can now register with JobManager.
One more thing, does Flink now store Job Graphs on ZK too?
    On Wednesday, 14 February, 2018, 8:06:14 PM IST, Aljoscha Krettek 
<> wrote:  
 It should be roughly the same settings that you use in your JobManager. They 
are described here:

On 14. Feb 2018, at 15:32, Chirag Dewan <> wrote:
Thanks Aljoscha.
I haven't checked that bit. Is there any configuration for TaskManagers to find 

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  On Wed, 14 Feb 2018 at 7:43 PM, Aljoscha Krettek<> wrote:  
 Do you see in the logs whether the TaskManager correctly connect to ZooKeeper 
as well? They need this in order to find the JobManager leader.

On 14. Feb 2018, at 06:12, Chirag Dewan <> wrote:
I am trying to deploy a Flink cluster (1 JM, 2TM) on a Docker Swarm. For 
JobManager HA, I have started a 3 node zookeeper service on the same swarm 
network and configured Flink's zookeeper quorum with zookeeper service 
JobManager gets started with the LeaderElectionService and gets assigned a 
LeaderSessionID too, which I can see from the following log 
statements(attaching only related logs) :
org.apache.flink.runtime.leaderelection.ZooKeeperLeaderElectionService  - 
Starting ZooKeeperLeaderElectionService   
org.apache.flink.runtime.leaderretrieval.ZooKeeperLeaderRetrievalService  - 
  - Starting ZooKeeperLeaderRetrievalService.JobManager 
akka.tcp://flink@jobmanager:6123/user/jobmanager was granted leadership with 
leader session ID Some(1f3b2ec6-77b6-4532-928f-ad8befd5202f).
 Trying to associate with JobManager leader 
akka.tcp://flink@jobmanager:6123/user/jobmanager Resource Manager associating 
with leading JobManager Actor[akka://flink/user/jobmanager#590681231] - leader 
session 1f3b2ec6-77b6-4532-928f-ad8befd5202f

But TaskManagers are not able to register with the JobManager and gives the 
following error:
Discard message 
 @ a118cdf39114 (dataPort=43017),cores=1, physMem=1044111360, heap=536870912, 
managed=324208384,1)) because the expected leader session ID 
1f3b2ec6-77b6-4532-928f-ad8befd5202f did not equal the received leader session 
ID 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000.

Seems like the ResourceManager was not able to retrieve the LeaderSessionID and 
passed 00 ID. 
One interesting thing I observed was a ZK version log:
The version of ZooKeeper being used doesn't support Container nodes. 
CreateMode.PERSISTENT will be used instead.

Is this a ZK version problem? Should I be using ZK 3.4.6?
My configuration:
Flink Version : 1.4.0ZK version : 3.4.11 (I just pulled the latest image)
Thanks in advance. 



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