Hi Lukas,
those are akka-internal names that you don't have to worry about.

It looks like your TaskManager cannot reach the JobManager.
Is 'jobmanager.rpc.address' configured correctly on the TaskManager? And
is it reachable by this name? Is port 6123 allowed through the firewall?

Are you sure the JobManager is running?
How do you start the cluster? If you have been using start-cluster.sh
(as per [1]), please also try to start the services manually to check
whether there's something wrong there.



On 04/03/18 13:57, Lukas Werner wrote:
> Hey there,
> For my master thesis I'm trying to set up a flink standalone cluster on
> 4 nodes. I've worked along the documentation which pretty neatly
> explains how to set it up. But when I start the cluster there is a
> warning and when I'm trying to run a job, there is an error with the
> same message:
> akka.pattern.AskTimeoutException:Asktimed out on
> [Actor[akka.tcp://flink@MYHOSTNAME:6123/user/jobmanager#-818199108]]
> after [10000 ms]. Sender[null] sent message of type
> "org.apache.flink.runtime.messages.JobManagerMessages$LeaderSessionMessage"
> Increasing the timeout didn't work. When I open the taskmanagers in web
> UI, all of them have the following pattern:
> akka.tcp://flink@MYHOSTNAME:33779/user/taskmanager
> Does anyone have an idea how to solve this to get the cluster working?
> Thanks in advance!
> One last thing: There isn't a user "flink" on the cluster and won't be
> created. So any advices without telling me I should create that user
> would be very appreciated! Thanks!
> Kind regards,
> Lukas

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