||The |jobmanager.web.upload.dir| option ||only affects where jars submitted through the WebUI/REST API are stored.

As for uploading jars directly through the REST API, this <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41724269/apache-flink-rest-client-jar-upload-not-working> may be useful to you.

On 07.03.2018 01:37, Daniele Foroni wrote:
Hi guys,

I am using flink 1.4.1 and I am working with the rest api.
If I run a flink job through the command line (./bin/flink run job.jar) is it uploaded to the folder set in variable |jobmanager.web.upload.dir? It seems no.| |So, through the rest api I can cancel the job creating a savepoint, but I don’t have the data to restart the same jar from the build savepoint (since I cannot retrieve the jar id). Am I right?|
Another problem is that I built a java rest client for uploading a jar file, but somehow it doesn’t work.
Is there any working code example or available api that I can use?

Thank you all in advance,

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