I have tried this CEP example of Data-artisans and it works. It is also only 
fully working example I have found, but it little bit too complex for my 
purpose. I have also tried to read the documentation, but I have not found 
about simple "Hello World" type example about Flink's CEP.

It is surprisingly difficult to form correct Pattern, because there are many 
operators and how to combine them by correct way..
It looks like very simple, but in practice it has not been for me, but this 
maybe because I am new with FlinkCEP.

Often I don't know is it problem with "pattern" or "select", because no 
results.. Is there any way to debug CEP's operations ?

Best, Esa

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Hi Esa,

You could try the examples either from the documentation or from the training.


On Mar 7, 2018, at 11:32 AM, Esa Heikkinen 
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What would be the simplest working CEP (Scala) pattern ?

I want to test if my CEP application works at all.

Best, Esa

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