Hi experts,

I am using flink table api to join two tables, which are datastream underneath. 
However, I got an assertion error of "java.lang.AssertionError: mismatched type 
$1 TIMESTAMP(3)" on rowtime column. Below is more details:

There in only one kafka data source, which is then converted to Table and 
registered. One existed column is set as rowtime(event time) attribute. Two 
over-window aggregation queries are run against the table and two tables are 
created as results. Everything works great so far.

However when timed-window joining two result tables with inherented rowtime, 
calcite throw the "java.lang.AssertionError: mismatched type $1 TIMESTAMP(3)" 
AssertionError. Can someone let me know what is the possible cause? F.Y.I., I 
rename the rowtime column for one of the result table.

DataStream<MyObject> dataStream = env.addSource(kafkaConsumer);

Table table = tableEnv.fromDataStream(dataStream, "col1", "col2", ...);

tableEnv.registerTable(tableName, table);

Table left = tableEnv.sqlQuery("select id, eventTime,count (*) over ...  from 

Table right = tableEnv.sqlQuery("select id as r_id, eventTime as r_event_time, 
count (*) over ...  from ...");

left.join(right).where("id = r_id && eventTime === r_event_time)

.addSink(...); // here calcite throw exception: java.lang.AssertionError: 
mismatched type $1 TIMESTAMP(3)

source table
 |-- id: Long
 |-- eventTime: TimeIndicatorTypeInfo(rowtime)
 |-- ...
 |-- ...

result_1 table
 |-- id: Long
 |-- eventTime: TimeIndicatorTypeInfo(rowtime)
 |-- ...
 |-- ...

result_2 table
 |-- rid: Long
 |-- r_event_time: TimeIndicatorTypeInfo(rowtime)
 |-- ...



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