Still stuck around this. 
My understanding is, this is something Flink can't handle. If the batch-size of 
Kafka Producer is non zero(which ideally should be), there will be in-memory 
records and data loss(boundary cases). Only way I can handle this with Flink is 
my checkpointing interval, which flushes any buffered records. 
Is my understanding correct here? Or am I still missing something?  
    On Monday, 12 March, 2018, 12:59:51 PM IST, Chirag Dewan 
<chirag.dewa...@yahoo.in> wrote:  
I am trying to use Kafka Sink 0.11 with ATLEAST_ONCE semantic and experiencing 
some data loss on Task Manager failure.
Its a simple job with parallelism=1 and a single Task Manager. After a few 
checkpoints(kafka flush's) i kill one of my Task Manager running as a container 
on Docker Swarm. 
I observe a small number of records, usually 4-5, being lost on Kafka broker(1 
broker cluster, 1 topic with 1 partition).
My FlinkKafkaProducer config are as follows : 
As I understand it, all the messages batched by 
KafkaProducer(RecordAccumulator) in the memory-buffer, are lost. Is this why I 
cant see my records on the broker? Or is there something I am doing terribly 
wrong? Any help appreciated.

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