you can do that with a ProcessFunction [1].
The Context parameter of the ProcessFunction.processElement() method gives
access to the current watermark and the timestamp of the current element.

In case you don't just want to log the late data but send it to a different
DataStream (and sink it to a Kafka topic, file, or whatever) you can use
side outputs [2].

Best, Fabian


2018-04-04 13:03 GMT+02:00 shishal <shisha...@gmail.com>:

> Hi Flink community members,
> I am new to flink stream processing. I am using event time processing and
> keystream.
> Sorry if my question sound silly but Is there a way to collect (or log) the
> late event which arrived after watermark. So somehow I need to gather this
> stats for further analysis.
> Thanks,
> Shishal
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