I'm a newbie to Flink. I'm trying to load data from HDFS and analyze it
using Flink Table APIs.

I created a TableSource, and registered it into the StreamTableEnvironment
as a table, and ran a SQL on that table through
streamTableEnvironment.sqlQuery, and finally I called writeToSink to write
the result to a Kafka010JsonTableSink.

But, I got an exception, "Exception in thread "main"
org.apache.flink.table.api.TableException: AppendStreamTableSink requires
that Table has only insert changes."

I've googled it. The probable cause is that I put a "group by" clause in
the SQL statement, which makes the result table to be a retract table.

And, if I pass a SQL statement without "group by" clause to sqlQuery,
everything gets ok, and I can see the result in the Kafka topic.

So, my questions are:
   1. What is the classical usage for outputing a retract table?
   2. Is there a unified way to process output for both append-only and not
append-only table?

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